Port of Osaka Entrance and Departure Manual (PDF) June.2022

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With the implementation of the large-scale sea construction work at Osaka ward in the Osaka Harbor, it collects necessary information such as the information on ships that sail in and out, the information on the construction work and so on, to analyzes and supplies them.
It also gives guidance and an advices to the maritime affair persons concerned such as the construction guard ships, and secures the sailing safety for the sailing ships in Osaka harbor, while attempting the safe and smooth execution of the construction work in the harbor.
It was established in April, 1992 with the purpose of contribution to the promotion of Osaka harbor and improvement of the port functions.

As for the shipping traffic in the Osaka harbor, various shipping such as the large-sized container carriers and the car ferries, the danger loading ships and the pleasure boats go in and out. At the Daikanmon and the areas nearby in the harbor, it is extremely overcrowded.
Corresponding to such a situation, the Information Center sends fresh and correct information securely and speedy, while it makes a close contact with related organization.

The large-scale constructions such as Sintou construction and Yumeshima tunnel are now ongoin. We send the effective and appropriate information quickly so that the construction and the shipping traffic become the safe and smooth flow.

Please note that we introduce our service in English and the port informations are served only in Japanese.

The Osaka harbor Information Center
for Security of Ship Navigation

TEL 06-6612-4363 FAX 06-6612-4366
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